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What Makes for the Best Family Friendly Vacation Rentals in Hawaii

How to Find the Best Family Friendly Vacation Rentals on the Big Island

If you’re dreaming of a sun-soaked Hawaiian getaway with the whole gang in tow, you’ve stumbled upon the right guide. We’re diving deep into the realm of family vacationing in Hawaii and going over what makes the best family friendly vacation rentals– where aloha vibes meet practicality.

Setting the Scene: Aloha to Family Adventures that Start at Your Hawaii Rental

Picture this: the salty breeze tousling your hair, golden sands tickling your toes, and the glistening Pacific horizon.. that’s the Hawaiian playground that beckons families far and wide. But hold up, it’s not just about the destination; it’s the journey you take while you’re there – and that starts with the perfect home base.

Best Family Friendly Vacation Rentals

It’s true for buying, it’s true for your vacation rental: Location, Location, Location

Let’s be real, parents – hauling the kiddos around can be an Olympic-level sport. That’s why the best family friendly vacation rentals will have the right location. You’ll want to consider not only the physical location but the layout of the property. Find a rental like Nohea Hale or Hoku Hale–just a short drive to beaches, stores, family-friendly activities and more!

Space, Glorious Space: Rental Room for Everyone

Listen, vacationing with the family clan means you’re rolling deep. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sue, Cousin Billy – who knows how many are in your traveling troupe. So what we’re saying is, size matters. Opt for rentals with multiple bedrooms and a spacious living area. And don’t forget, the absolute best family friendly vacation rentals on the Big Island will include outdoor space–this means the kids can run around and release some energy while you curl up inside and take a nap.

Kitchen Chronicles: Family Friendly Kitchen Space

Raise your hand if you’ve been caught in the endless loop of “What do we eat?” while on vacay. Well, that’s where a family-friendly rental kitchen swoops in like a superhero. Whip up pancakes with a side of pineapple for breakfast, or let the little ones create their own DIY poke bowls. It’s not just about saving cash; it’s about creating foodie memories together.

Kid-Approved Amenities: Keep the Youngins’ Smiling

Oh, the sweet sound of silence when the kiddos are happily occupied! Look for rentals that toss in some kid-approved amenities, like a pool (splash contests, anyone?), a play area, or even a stash of beach toys. Imagine the joy of sitting by an outdoor firepit after dark and making s’mores and planning your next day.

Local Tips and Insider Scoop

Sure, Hawaii is paradise, but it’s even better when you have a local compass to guide you. Our properties are the best family friendly vacation rentals because we offer a range of services to cater to every type of traveler.

Hawaii Rental Hosts who Care

We know the lay of the land, and go above and beyond to make sure you check off your Hawaii bucket list items. From hidden gems for family hikes to the best shave ice spots, booking your snorkeling adventure or your helicopter ride, we are here to make your family vacation unforgettable!

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